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About Us

At Andrina Yvette, we believe in crafting watches with love and a touch of refinement. Our brand, inspired by ambassador fdr and international beauty pageant winner Andrina, espouses her belief that sharing one’s time with another is one of the ult gifts of love, and  gifting both ourselves and someone we love with a watch is akin to gifting time and love..


Andrina Yvette started in 2019 together with some Professionals... the designs in Paris and Singapore 

Being a watch lover herself and a dream , Andrina also has complete some watch making course to better equip her with the understanding how timepieces are made too

We maintain consistently high standards and our search for elegance has helped us gain keen insight for creating classy designs loved by many. Each timepiece is a personal statement, which is why we also offer customisation services together with our designs so our esteemed clients/ friends and family can own something that is truly unique and one of a kind.

Paired with quality materials and manufactured in factories known for their extensive horological history and skilled craftsmen, you can be sure of an investment that’ll stand the test of time.


10% of our profits would be donated to charity organisations/meaningful projects